Professional Services


Interior Ceramic specialises in working with architects that specify for works.

We supply, design and install paving for projects of all sizes so we know just how important it is to have the right product for the job and have it arrive with your build team on time as expected.

When it comes to quality of product you’ll see from our range of paving and portfolio images that you’re dealing with one of the best in the business and we don’t mind saying so!
We’re eager to prove it on any size of project.

Interior Designers

We offer a tailor made design service to suit your requirements.

Supported by a trusted team of tradesmen and sourcing the finest materials available, our dedication and meticulous attention to detail means that we can deliver your project from initial consultation to completion on time and on budget. The quality of the ceramic flooring tiles are provided to match your designs.

Take your time choosing your flooring products and collecting your thoughts, whilst you browse through our materials list or portfolio.


At Interior Ceramic we also have a dedicated exterior ceramic range and we understand the garden through the eyes of a landscaper.

You require quality materials delivered to spec’ and on time – no problem! To save you time and money, if required, we can also provide you with scaled plans to assist you with complex projects. These plans will have every detail for you to carry the job well. We have thorough knowledge of current decking regulations, where you can construct and where you can’t.

As a regular part of our supply process, we will issue a bill of quantities for your project, so there's no need for you to calculate what you need, just leave that to us - It’s all part of the service! All you have to do is supply us with the drawings from the designer, or perhaps, if you would prefer, we could do them for you.

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